My local life

This is another love of my life and I wanted to dedicate a page to it.

I feel very blessed to live in a vibrant, happy community that thrives on local business and self-sufficiency.  I live in the countryside with wonderful neighbours – of the human variety as well as the cattle, horses, sheep, chickens, ducks(loads of them!) and general wildlife that we pretty much share a home with in these parts.  I’ve not lived here long and I have to say it’s a very different life to the city. There’s not just a different pace but almost a different rule book on how one interacts in a small town and village.  It’s a shock to the system when first it dawns but once you learn it, you see why it works. I’ve met some inspirational people here who are so driven for the love of their community and their neighbours, sometimes battling to get things done but never giving up and they spur me on.  Every community needs them and I hope I can always support them!  You know who you are – thank you 🙂

The other fab thing here are the local businesses of which I’m honoured to be one of those.  We’ve actually got a butchers, fishmongers, bakers, green grocer and fruiterer here.  I can’t remember the last time I saw all of those in one place since the large supermarkets got as big as they are, and, they’re not more expensive than Tesco’s, in many ways quite the reverse and the quality is brilliant.  They’re all situated within a few feet of each other and I take great delight in walking around them to do my shopping.  There are also many local businesses working from home, many little offices dotted around the town and a general feeling of support amongst them all.

Something else that is not going to escape a mention on this page is my local church and also my not so local church but with whom we try and spend as much time.  I guess a number of the people I mentioned earlier on this page really belong in this section too.  They’re all completely individual characters who inspire me.  We have a brilliant new vicar in one church and a brilliant retiring vicar in the other and I really wish the latter wasn’t going to be doing that but so it must be.  Anyway, both churches are one of the many little hubs of life in this community and without them, things wouldn’t be the same for a lot of people. They do really great work and provide a loving environment for anyone who wants to join in.

Alresford, you’re a great place!

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