I’ve got a very straightforward pricing system, I basically just charge for my time which is £30 an hour.

In one hour, you could get a nice slider system on your site, a drawing board gadget, a calendar, some RSS and social media feeds, changes and updates… that’s to name but a very few…

In half a day of my time you could have your social media campaign managed for a whole month (and ideally then continued the following months)

In a whole day of my time you could get a content management system added to your site or have a nice new 10 page brochure website designed and in another day you could have it built!

In a day and a bit (per month) you could have ongoing SEO work done pushing you right up the rankings on the site’s most abundantly visited and converting keywords (those being identified in the included campaign research)

In a whole 5 days, you could have a beautiful new ecommerce shop built and live – although please make sure you allow time with me planning it before plunging right in.  You wouldn’t build a house without the benefit of an architect’s knowledge to make sure it achieves exactly what you need, would you? No, I know you wouldn’t.

Just think then, in 2 – 3 weeks of my time what could you achieve?