I’ve got a buzz out of SEO for years.  When I first started seriously doing SEO I read everything available, I practiced it constantly (in my spare time as I was an employed web developer by day!), I monitored it, PPC’d things, tested stuff and got all excited as sites I worked on climbed and climbed.   I was a “white hat” SEO marketer from the start doing everything by the book (with only the occasional dabble in things you weren’t supposed to try and I soon found out why you shouldn’t try them).  I enjoyed it for a long time and then the niggle of unfairness started to creep in.  Google frustrated me, seemingly pushing sites to the top who broke all the rules and putting me in their so called sandbox for months at a time in complete obscurity leaving me wondering what on earth I’d done wrong except for register a brand new domain name.  But things have changed, Google organic search results have started to become, basically, very fair!  Yay!!  You put the work in, you play nicely, you do the right thing and you get rewarded.  That’s the ethos that was talked about and taught for years but which never quite worked out.

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But, now, it’s very definitely here and it makes SEO all so exciting again.  There’s a legitimate and solid strategy again, SEO’ers are not left wondering if all their work will ever be worth it.  You can now quantify the work to results ratio and it feels great!  I used to dread clients asking me the question “so how much will it cost to get to the top” because there wasn’t anything approaching a definite answer and no wonder that put them off spending their hard earned money, time and effort on it.  I’m not saying I can put a fixed figure on it now as it practically all depends on the competition for your keywords but the difference is we can start getting good results from month one now which is not just encouraging for our clients but also allows us to quickly hone the estimate of time / cost required.

You’ll notice I speak of ‘we’ when I speak about working on SEO for my clients.  I work with a colleague and fellow SEO nut whose love of traffic data analysis is scary!  Mitch and I work together on SEO projects and I think we make a really good team.  Hopefully our results speak for themselves anyway.  We had a lovely message from one of our clients a few days ago who said:

“The web-site is working really well for us now, and looks excellent and fresh in its appearance. It has been hard work, however, you have made us a lot more visible, vindicated by the results and extra traffic and enquiries that we are now getting on a daily basis”

Alan Woodward
Hunter and Hyland Ltd

Thanks Alan, it’s been a pleasure!  We get a kick out of achieving those results for you.

Shortly afterwards, another client emailed me after my request to add more content to the site and said:

“I’m not able to add to the site at the moment due to our current work load. The SEO is producing quite a lot of enquires to say the least!”

Ross Turner
T&T Tubecraft Ltd

These responses from our clients are what it’s all about and we expect to achieve those results with each SEO campaign we undertake.

Ok, so I know you want to know how much it costs to do it…
What we always suggest is to do whatever fits best with your budget.  Make what’s in the pot work as hard as it can do.  We would always recommend monthly work as it’s a fact that it gets the results.  However, not everyone’s budget will stretch to that but we can still achieve a great deal by just doing a really good optimisation job on the content of your site which is a one off cost.  Obviously, the exact cost depends on how many pages of your site need optimising and just because you have loads of pages, it doesn’t mean you have to optimise them all.  Sometimes just optimising 5 – 10 pages really well can hugely boost your rankings on the right keywords and we would do that keyword and competitor research for you to find what is worth chasing and what isn’t.  Remember, just one keyword can bring in loads of traffic if it’s very relevant to your business so getting a highly targeted page of content showing that talks exactly to your customer on the subject they have just searched on will get hits and conversions. Google will notice you’re delivering exactly what the customer is looking for a will keep pushing you up the rankings. Google loves relevancy and they’ll reward you for it so if you know you have exactly what someone wants when they type in a high traffic keyword you can smash the competition if your page is that targeted.  Anyway, I feel my SEO excitement rising again at which point I can normally bore you about all the little details and possibilities so time for me to stop.  If you want to talk to me about your particular site and what can be done please do give me a shout.

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