As much as I love the era of social marketing and what it has done for small businesses and their marketing opportunities, I also know it’s really time consuming and most small business owners have got their hands full running their business without having time to do it.  I confess that I am no exception!  I spend more time doing it for everyone else than I do for myself.  But, when you do have the time, it’s not only actually very productive for your marketing efforts but also good fun and allows you to engage with people who aren’t in your office in a way that makes you feel like you’re all sitting together, just occasionally and alternately picking your head up from your busy work schedule to share some thought, comment or resource.  Brilliant!  Remote working isn’t at all a lonely thing to do any more and social media has enabled us to be quickly enlightened by expertise and resources that we might not have found by ourselves.  Subscribing to the right feeds actually saves us time!

Nonetheless, I know to a lot of businesses it’s actually placed a burden on them as there is now the expectation that they will have a Facebook or Twitter account at the very least and that means an extra cost or time demand without visible returns.  Just what you need, eh?!

For the majority of you in SME businesses though (I know there are a handful where it doesn’t apply and believe me, there are loads of small business owners envying you right now!), even if the majority of your business is local and offline, you will have to buy in to social media one day and the sooner the better because it’s not going away and the benefits will soon become apparent once you do.  If you don’t do it then your business will get left behind and those with active social media accounts will start to take the work.  Please don’t see that as a telling off because I totally understand why you feel the way you do when you’re busy just making the business operate, but it’s just a reality check.

The good thing is that you can outsource it.  You may have set up a Twitter or Facebook  account with all good intentions that you were going to post every day or week but I’m guessing it hasn’t happened?  If you outsource it then it will happen every day without you having to get that involved if you don’t want to and before you know it you’ll have an active social presence.  We’ll need to have a really good in depth discussion with you to find out all about your business and what needs to be said, to find out all about your industry and therefore what industry news to follow and post and obviously to also post news and activities going on at the helm with you.  There’s lots to discuss, lots of options and management methods to talk about so as to decide on which will be the most cost-effective and time saving for you but I think you’ll find it a really worthwhile investment.