This is what I have done for most of my professional life and what still makes me happy.  I love creating a tailored design, it’s great when you can sit down and purely focus on being creative and put all code away for the day ahead.  But as a developer it means I can also create knowing the reality of how it will need to be built.

As a coder, my first love will always be PHP and MySQL databases.  A very happy day, the day I discovered all of that, the enormity of the possibilities was fantastic and the possibilities are still appearing.

The WordPress platform for building websites has been a bit of a game changer in the world of Web Development though.  It’s pretty much why there are web developers everywhere now as it’s so easy to just buy a WordPress template, install it, login and add your content.  Customising the graphics and gadgets on the site and adding content is what takes the man hours but if you really want to save money wherever possible then you really can just buy and install a website off-the-shelf for very little.  It’s really as simple as that and WordPress has allowed small business owners to get a fantastic and effective website for a very affordable price.  I have to say that I still really admire a bespoke website though, you can tell which ones are based on WordPress and which aren’t just by looking at them, they have a particular quality about them which I can’t put my finger on but which is unmistakable.  I’ve spoken to many a web designer who says that they will always work to make their WordPress sites unique, non-template looking but there is just something that still gives it away.  But anyway, who cares!  A website is about productivity and cost-effectivity and WordPress does exactly that.  I’d recommend it as much as the next person when used in the right situation.  This site is a WordPress site because for this particular application, it is the right tool for the job.

Bespoke web design and build – yep, definitely!!  Throw it at me, I love any challenge.  I look at each project’s own individual requirements, your budget and future needs from it and I’ll recommend to you what I believe will do the right job.  That may actually be part hand-coded bespoke programming mixed with off-the-shelf plugins and tools or it may be that it all needs to be hand-coded from scratch.  I’ll always give you the benefit of my knowledge and experience for what I know works or doesn’t work in reality.  Also, please don’t think that hand-coding something from scratch automatically means expensive as sometimes that’s the better way to go because it will actually save you money.  I’m all for cost-effectiveness.

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